Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ghosts in the Attic

So, Aaron asked me to start taking pictures of the most recent construction the mornings after, as they had now disconnected the only light up there and he couldn't do it the night of. No problem! I don my parka, go up, and take this:

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After getting the same freaky result three times in a row, I finally realized I not only have to hold my breath, I have to allow enough time for my last exhalation to dissipate!

The Week So Far (aka days six, seven and eight)

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Not a whole lot happening so far this week.

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Monday a crew was here and ran the gas line for the fireplace.

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Tuesday the electrical inspector was here and we passed. Woo-Hoo!

There is currently no lighting upstairs, so you will have to wait until tomorrow for the Wednesday update. Deal with it.

Thursday, insulation starts.

Some Background

In comments Jason mentions a bit about his house, and I realize I have not given much background on ours. It is a one-and-a-half story, built in 1950 in South Minneapolis. We are about three blocks from Lake Nokomis, and even closer to the airport.

We bought the house from the original owner in June of 2001. We have completed a couple improvement projects since we moved in, and started even more. Every wall on the main floor has been painted, at least once.

When we moved in we removed a base cabinet in the kitchen and installed a dishwasher. The cabinet that was removed was only 20 inches wide, so for about a year we were looking at the dishwasher insulation. I finally got around to building a narrow cabinet for the open end of the dishwasher, and we installed a new countertop. This is when I discovered that demolition is a blast, and installation is not. I also built in a wine rack above the extended section of the counter, and we tiled the backsplash. Until now the kitchen has been our biggest project.

We have also raised the collar ties in the garage to allow for a garage-door opener, replaced a dilapidated fence, run new electrical to the garage, built shelves in the garage, removed built-in shelves from under the basement stairs so a crew could drain-tile, replaced shelves after the drain-tiling was complete, and replace various electrical outlets and fixtures. It seems like there has been more...

The attic was unfinished when we moved in, which has made this project much easier for design, as well as construction.