Monday, January 10, 2005

Day One

Not much happened today. The contractors were only here for a half day, and much of that was spent going over revised estimates, and finalizing where everything was going to go.

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They did do a bit of exploratory surgery to make sure that everything will work as planned. I was dead tired after work, so I took a nap in the basement, and managed to sleep through the noise pretty well. I was still sleeping when they left, so I am assuming that everything is cool so far.

Under Construction

As I mentioned on ABOHO work has begun on our attic. I created this blog to track the progress.

Here is a list of changes that will transform the space:

Drywall- Walls are good thing.

Closet- The contractor came up with what I think will be a great design to utilize space well.

Built-ins- We are having bookshelves built into the knee-walls, again to utilize space.

Windows- The south window will be changed to a casement window to meet egress requirements, and the north windows will be replaced for improved efficiency.

Skylights- Three skylights will be added for light, and ventilation during those two weeks of perfect Minnesota weather.

Heating and Cooling- We decided against running ducts and tying into our forced air system. This would have been inefficient, costly, and would have eaten up precious closet space on the first floor. Instead we will have a through-the-wall A/C unit for cooling and a gas fireplace for heat.

I will try to keep my thousands of dedicated readers up to date on the daily progress.