Monday, February 14, 2005

One Week Later

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Well, since the last update things have gone slowly, and will continue to go slow at least until next Monday.

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Tuesday the third and final coat of mud was applied, and Wednesday they sanded.

I had Thursday and Friday off, so I was hoping to have the painting done by now, but...

Thursday morning our contractors were here, and they notice a few cracks in the the drywall seams. So Friday there was more patching, and our drywall guy was back on Saturday morning to sand. I started priming at about 1:00pm. Graham lent us a sprayer, so things went fairly quickly, but the set-up and cleaning took a while, so it is hard to say how much time was saved. I decided that I would be better off using brushes and rollers for the paint. Sunday morning I started with the closet, the cramped quarters were a pain, an it took me longer than I expected. After lunch I started on the main room. Things were going well, until I switched to the second gallon. It didn't match. I didn't notice right away because it was hard to tell when it was wet, but once I finished the south wall and started cutting in on the stairwell, and what had dried wasn't matching I noticed. I opened a third gallon, and it was the correct color, so I lost about an hour there. The stairwell took longer than I had expected, running up and down the stair to the roller tray, moving the ladder and plank, etc. etc. etc.

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So this week I will get a second coat applied in the closet, and I will hopefully get the shelves stained. Saturday and Sunday I will have help, so the second coat in the main room sould go faster.

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By this time next week all of the painting should be finished (fingers crossed).


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