Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Day Two

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Brad and Graham seemed to make a fair dent in things today.

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The old, cracked plaster in the stairwell is almost all removed, the collar ties have all been raised, and they have cut away the old railing where the closet will extend over the stairs.

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They also cut the hole and installed the box for the new bath fan.

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After three years of dealing with a steamy bathroom, soon we will soon have ventilation!

Last Minute Shopping

Today Krista and I needed to make final decisions and order a few things so Graham and Brad (the contractors) can finish framing.

We first headed to Bucks Unpainted Furniture to pick out and order bookcases, and shelving for the closet. The shelves for the closet had to be custom ordered to get a depth of 18" instead of 12", and the custom shelves are only available in maple or oak, so we spent a bit more than we hoped.

News Flash: Buying a room air conditioner unit in Minnesota in January is a BITCH! Over the weekend we checked a few places for A/C units without much success. The few we found in stock were either really ugly or had poor reviews. When we checked at Sears they only had a few window units in stock, and when I inquired about ordering the sales woman told me that she didn't think I would even be able to order one until at least March. March!?!? I decided that she didn't know what she was talking about, but gave up on Sears anyway. Today I had narrowed the search to a couple of models, one a Carrier, and the other an LG. I found that a local appliance store was an LG dealer, and the sales person told me on the phone that they could order any LG item. As far as the Carrier, I actually spoke with the regional sales rep and he told me that Sears could order one for me. Great, Sears. We started out checking on the LG. Turns out the LG rep is on vacation and will not be back until the 19th, and there was no one else our sales person could contact. Back to Sears. After efforts to convince a different Sears employee that he could order a Carrier for us failed, we gave up and ordered a Kenmore. I had found good reviews for Kenmore A/C units online, and it was Energy Star approved, so I figured it wasn't worth the hassle. It won't be here for a week or so, but at least we know which model we will get, and we have the specs so they can frame the rough opening.